Cruising to El Ferrol, Spain

El Ferrol, Galicia  tourist information.

El Ferrol, SpainFerrol is a city in the Province of A Coruña in Galicia, located on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain. This town is 52 kilometres from La Coruña. It is full of contrasts, and the charm of its roots as a fishing village lives on in its streets and traditions. The city has been a major naval shipbuilding centre for most of its history, being the capital of the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Department of the North since the time of the early Bourbons.

Ferrol tourist attractions

The Magdalena district, modernism, the arsenal, the naval museums, the old town (Ferrol Vello), San Felipe Castle and the estuary fortifications, its gastronomy, its natural surroundings, the estuary and its beaches, Holy Week (Semana Santa) and the festivals and traditions…these are at least 10 reasons to visit Ferrol. Enlightened, modernist, military, naval, fortified, marine, gastronomic, scenic, beach-loving, passionate…

The main event in the town, however, is the Easter week celebrations, which have the International Tourist Interest designation. They are usually held in March or April, depending on when Easter falls. Ferrol appears to have an impressive bay and port along with some good beaches including those of “San Jorge”, “Cabanas” and “Cobas”. It also has the Castillo de San Felipe coastal fort at the opening to the bay which tourists can visit.


Three major ports attest to Galicia’s close relationship with the sea. In the south is Vigo and in the north are La Coruña and the naval base of El Ferrol. Galicia was one of the central points for Western European Megalithic Culture, and physical remains are still visible today. Nonetheless, Galicians trace their cultural ancestry back to Celtic tribes which began to settle around 1000 BC. Celtic Civilisation in Galicia had its heyday between 600 and 25 BC, up to when Galicia fell under the power of the Roman Empire. Still, a weak Romanisation meant the consolidation of a hybrid culture, bearing strong Celtic traits.

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