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Southampton old townSouthampton plays host to a spectacular range of events each year, from large national and international one-off events to smaller community events.

The city plays its part in contributing to the prestigious maritime event programme for the annual Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and is proud to be home to the International PSP Southampton Boat Show held annually at Mayflower Park, since 1969.

Southampton is a vibrant city, renowned for conjuring up huge interest and participation in outdoor sporting activities. It is a flagship city for the BBC Sport Relief Mile event (6,000 participants), while Southampton Common is the perfect race course for Cancer Research’s Race For Life (10,000 participants).

In recent years, Southampton Sky Ride has been tremendously popular, encouraging novice and proficient cyclists to get involved en masse in this fantastic 8km route around the city (15,000 participants). Southampton also runs smaller Sky Ride Group Rides at weekends for those interested in exploring the city’s reaches with the whole family.

Music lovers and culture fanatics will find a wealth of arty events in the city. Enjoy a mix of live music, art, theatre and dance performance events all year round. Southampton brings a multitude of festivals and family events to its residents and visitors. Over the last year, the city’s programme of events included the Kite Festival, Mela Festival, SO Fest, Thai Festival and a number of family fun days, plus top class circuses and local fun fairs.

On the side streets are ancient gems such as the Tudor House, Mottisfont Abbey, and “God’s House,” a museum located in a tower in the medieval wall. The ultra-modern Sea City Museum celebrates Southampton’s seafaring past and the RMS Titanic. Looking for nightlife? Travelers can dance the hours away with bars, clubs, and live music, all accessible by public transportation.

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