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CPS Parking Southampton

CPS port parkingCPS Southampton or Cruise & Passenger Services offer secure parking conveniently located right on the docks at Southampton Port so there’s no time wasted in transfers. Cruise Parking CPS Southampton also offer extra services while you are away so we can top up your fuel tank, make sure your car is ready to go using our SureStart Service where they’ll top up your cars vital fluids and perform a maintenance check, or even valet your car for you (our Silver Wash is only £25.00, a Gold Wash at £45.00 or even our Platinum Wash at just £75.00).

Cruise Passenger Services

Southampton has traditionally been the British home of the cruise liner. Today Port of Southampton handles more passenger liners than any other UK port. Any cruise ship calling in Southampton can provide passengers with a wealth of choice for day excursions and CPS Southampton can provide a full booking and escort service for excursions. The combination of services, facilities and location provides Southampton with a major advantage over other UK ports and current improvements in terminal facilities will consolidate this unrivalled position.

From the unique history of the City of Winchester and Stonehenge to the scenery of the New Forest, the South of England has something for every visitor and Southampton is the ideal base to explore this attractive region.

As an approved Southampton’s cruise parking provider Cruise & Passenger Services can also assist if your arrival at the terminal is delayed, or with car related problems at any time via ship to shore communications whilst your car is in our care.

CPS Southampton – On Arrival

Upon arrival at the appropriate Southampton cruise terminal designated by your cruise operator:

  • You will be directed to the appropriate vehicle lane by a member of port security
  • From here you will be met by a member of our reception staff who will book in your vehicle and carry out relevant security procedures. You will be issued a barcoded receipt.
  • A porter will be on hand to assist with luggage. (Please note it is the passengers responsibility to ensure all luggage and essentials are removed from the vehicle)
  • Once checked in the driver will take your vehicle to the nearby secure compound
  • You are then able to proceed to the terminal to check-in for your cruise.
  • For 2 night self park cruises, once the luggage has been removed drivers are directed to the appropriate parking location.

CPS Southampton – On Return

  • You will be directed from the Southampton terminal to the key collection point.
  • Please hand the receptionist your barcoded receipt and you will be issued your vehicle keys.
  • For 2 night self park cruises you will be directed to the relevant parking location
  • You will be directed to the relevant area of the car park where your vehicle is located. There are marshals on hand to assist with further directions.
  • You will then be directed by marshals in exiting the compound.

Southampton Terminal Information

  • 28 miles from major European shipping lanes
  • Depth of main channel 12.6m at low water
    (extra 4.54m available at mean high water springs)
  • 17 hours of rising water in every 24
  • Maximum tidal range 4m
  • Quay walls 6.25m above lowest astronomical tide
  • 24-hour pilotage and harbour patrol service

QE II Terminal:

Depth of water alongside: 10.5m
Quayside length: 508m

Mayflower Terminal:

Depth of water alongside: 10.2m
Quayside length: 350m

City Terminal:

Depth of water alongside: 10.2m
Quayside length: 370m

Ocean Terminal:

Depth of water alongside: 10.2m
Quayside length: 480m

Port order and/or content may vary, please check specific sailing date concerning risks associated with COVID-19. Please consult all applicable Centers for Disease Control travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel and check at official cruise line website.