Cruising to Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona tourist information.

Tarragona, SpainTarragona is a port city in northeastern Spain’s Catalonia region on the Mediterranean Sea. Many ancient ruins remain from its time as Tarraco, under the Romans. The Amfiteatre Romà is a 2nd-century arena facing the Mediterranean, and traces of the forum stand among the alleys of the walled, medieval Old Town. A walkway along the ramparts, the Passeig Arqueològic, has sweeping views of the city.
In Tarragona, History emanates from the stones, the books and becomes alive. The city has specialised in historic re-enactment events. Archaeologists, historians, script writers, narrators and extras work hard to spread and share the city’s history and their classical civilisation through events like the TARRACO VIVA festival in May, the Tarragona Living History programme in the summer and the sessions dedicated to the Napoleonic War.

The town itself has the usual Spanish assortment of plazas sprinkled with cafes and tapas bars. Tarragona is a good choice if you only have a day or two to get out of Barcelona, otherwise the beaches further south or the remoter seaside villages to the north of Barcelona offer a more unique experience.

The human tower constructions

The castles, the human tower constructions, originated in Tarragona and in Penedès and their origin comes from Valencian dances. Tarragona has four groups and the city lives and breathes the tower building spirit and ambience like never before. To build towers everyone is needed and in the right place, from the oldest to the youngest.