Cruising to Santander, Spain

Santander tourist information.

Santander, SpainThe port city of Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region and one of the most elegant and beautiful cities on the Spain’s north coast. The Palacio de la Magdalena, once the royal summer residence, lies at the mouth of the Bay of Santander on the rocky La Magdalena Peninsula. West, the city center is home to the Catedral de Santander, with its octagonal cupola and Gothic cloister. Nearby, the Paseo de Pereda promenade runs along one side of the Jardines de Pereda gardens. July and August are festival season in Santander, with all kinds of extra musical and after-dark fun to keep you entertained until the early hours.

Its historic quarter includes a group of majestic buildings which are situated against an incredible natural backdrop of sea and mountains. Enjoy the greenery of the Jardines de Piquío, which separate the two golden beaches of El Sardinero with glorious views over the beautiful blue sea. These beaches of El Sardinero are Santander’s most popular beaches but there are others such as El Rostro, for a more quiet, relaxing experience. The cultural wealth of the Cantabrian capital is enriched with the passage of the Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago de Compostela and the neighbouring Altamira Caves, both of which have been declared World Heritage.

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Outstanding places near Santander in the region of Cantabria are is the park of Cabarceno, the largest animal park in Europe with lots of space for the animals to roam freely, the Altamira caves with prehistoric paintings, the charming village of Santillana del Mar, Comillas with its University or Suances, famous for its beaches.