Cruising to Narvik, Norway

Narvik tourist information.

Narvik, NorwayNarvik is an important industrial town in Norway because of the ice free ports. Narvik is a compact city which is easy to navigate. Tourist info office is on the main street, and the railway station is easy to find as well. The city is located along the southern shore of the Ofot Fjord, and is the centre of the Ofoten district. Narvik is surrounded by majestic mountains, and is perfect for both mountaineering and skiing.

Narvik has access to numerous outdoor activities. Narvik’s ski resort, Narvikfjellet is the best known location in northern Norway for extreme and alpine skiing in Norway. It has one of Scandinavia’s largest drop heights and offers excellent conditions for off-piste skiing. From Narvikfjellet you can enjoy magnificent views over the Ofotfjord – from the top it actually seems like you’ll be skiing right into the fjord.

There are lifts, and several of the slopes are floodlit. There is also a cable car to Fagernesfjellet, with a stunning view and the possibility to walk even higher up in the mountains. Mountain hiking is very popular in the area, and mountain bike route is also available.  Or better yet, climb it in the middle of the night during summer. There is a fantastic path the winds up the mountain that overlooks the city and one can reach the same destination as the cable car.

If you want to see the northern lights, the skies in Narvik are especially clear and great for observing this phenomenon in the late autumn and winter/early spring. From the end of May to the end of July you can experience the midnight sun.

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