Cruising to Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand tourist information.

Kristiansand, NorwayKristiansand is the largest city in Southern Norway and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Kristiansand is a family destinations, focusing in activities and attractions for families, one of the largest if these being Dyreparken, a gigantic zoo and amusement park. Kristiansand is the capital of Vest-Agder County, Norway. With a population of about 80,000, it is the fifth largest city of Norway. The city is sometimes called Kristiansand S, where S stands for South, to distinguish it from Kristiansund in western Norway.

The port of Kristiansand has a lot of cruise ship arrivals in the summer, and is one of the biggest cruise ship ports in Norway. From the cruise ship port, is a walking distance to city centre and the boardwalk, the bus terminal, the ferry terminal and the railway station. The Kristiansand area has more days of sunshine than any other location in Scandinavia, and the beaches and smooth rocks are ideal for sunbathing. The area is considered being the number one holiday area in Norway. Kristiansand offer lively cultural and shopping scene, some excellent restaurants and very healthy nightlife. By charter boats tourists can visit the unique scenery and the charming fishing villages with their traditional white wooden houses.

Anyone travelling with children will more than likely find themselves cajoled into visiting the town’s outstanding children’s park and zoo. Kristiansand Dyrepark is probably the favourite holiday destination for Norwegian kids. The former zoo is several parks rolled into one. There’s a fun fair that includes rides such as the pirate-ship cruise, Captain Sabretooth’s Treasure Trove and enchanted houses. Cardamom Town (Kardamomme By) is a fantasy village based on the children’s stories of Thorbjørn Egner. It houses a large number of species, including red pandas, a crocodile house, lions and tigers and an African savannah filled with giraffe, zebra and others.

Fiskebrygga – Fish market

Southwestern part of the town centre Kvadraturen is still a fish market, but there are also several, mostly maritime, restaurants around the central waterfront. During summer the area is buzzing with life and every week there is a large open air concert at Fiskebrygga, locals arrive in their boats and anchor up here, lovely place to eat some fresh seafood or some great fish cakes.

Odderøya island

Odderøya island, a rocky outcrop just by the fish market and connected by a bridge, is one of the city’s wonderful green spaces. There are some delightful places for a walk or hiking, a swim or a picnic. On Sundays the community of artists on the island open up their galleries and there are Vaktbua cafe and bar.


Posebyen is what’s left of Kristiansand’s old town. It still occupies several blocks on the eastern part of the town centre. Posebyen is one of the biggest collections of small and old wood construction houses and it is consists as one of Northern Europe´s largest collection of low, terraced, white, wooden houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Very peaceful just a few minutes’ walk from the busy shopping streets.

Kristiansand Waterfall

There is a beautiful waterfall in a little town called Boen (Tveit) in Kristiansand. There is a small bridge that crosses over the waterfall where you can stand and take pictures. This place is very popular for people fishing for the famous Norwegian salmon.

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