Cruising to Isafjordur, Iceland

The port of Ísafjörður tourist information.

Isafjordur, IcelandMeaning ice fjord or fjord of ice, with a population of about 2.600, the port of Ísafjörður is the largest of all harbours located in the Westfjords region of Iceland, and the seat of the Ísafjarðarbær municipality, which includes the nearby Hnífsdalur, Flateyri, Suðureyri, and Þingeyri. Ísafjörður is Iceland’s third busiest port of call for cruise ships. Calling vessels make a dramatic journey up the Ísafjarðardjúp Bay which shelters a number of smaller fjords. Ísafjörður town is located in one of these, the Skutulsfjörður.

Ísafjörður is an ancient church site and a trading post since at least the 16th century, although a real town did not start to form until after mid-19th century. The growth of the town was triggered by salt fish production, and ever since then the fishing industry has been vital for the community.

For the tourist, Ísafjörður has a range of accommodation, restaurants and recreation for all budgets and tastes. A golf course, hiking- and biking trails, horse riding, bird watching, skiing and kayaking are all within an easy reach. Ferries to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve depart from Ísafjörður daily during the summer months. In Ísafjörður you will find the regional tourist information office for the Westfjords.

Ísafjörður hosts some of the most celebrated festivals in Iceland, including the music festival “Aldrei fór ég suður“, the Runners’ Festival, the mud-soccer European Championships, Act alone theatre festival and “Við Djúpið” classical music festival.

Aldrei fór ég suður Festival

If you’re thinking about visiting Ísafjörður or the Westfjords around Easter time, then you might be lucky enough to attend this free music festival. Set up by internationally known musician Mugison and his Karaoke-singing dad, it breaks all the traditional rules of festivals by offering free entry to all, allowing everyone only twenty minutes stage time (and no sound checks), and balancing some of Iceland’s best acts (Sigur ros, Gus Gus and mum have all played) alongside local choirs and hip hop acts.

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