Cruising to Cherbourg, France

Cherbourg tourist information.

Cherbourg, FranceKnown to the British above all as a ferry port, Cherbourg has a gritty history as a naval harbour. It also has glamorous connections with cruise ships and major yacht races. Cherbourg is at the western tip of Normandy, at the top of the Cotentin Peninsula you find Cherbourg, city turned towards the sea. It is proving to be the ideal destination for weekend breaks and holidays in Normandy.

An exceptional achievement of the 19th century with the biggest architectural roadstead in the world. The Cherbourg-Octeville’s marina, with its 1350 hoops, is just within a few encablures from the Channel Island. The right heart of town is situated in its fishing port and marina. Cherbourg-Octeville is a town in Normandy, North West France. Cherbourg is the gateway to Normandy. It lies on the Cotentin Peninsula which covers an area of about 18 miles and has a variety of landscapes. Spectacular coastlines and plenty of safe, sandy beaches. The attractions of the ports include a fabulous aquarium and memorial to the dead of World War II. The countryside of the Val de Seine area, east of Cherbourg, and the Hague peninsula, to the west, also have much to offer.

Cruise ships will dock at the Quay de France or at Quai de Normandie, which is next to it. In the terminal, cruise passengers are invited to a free tasting of delicacies from the Normandy region. If the weather is fine it is only a 10 a 15 minute pleasant walk to the center of Cherbourg, so a shuttle bus is not really needed. Whether from a holiday rental cottage, a guesthouse Cherbourg or from one of the comfortable hotels of the Cotentin, do not hesitate to come and discover the old medieval city that will delight you.

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