Cruising to Bremen, Germany

Bremen tourist information.

Bremen, GermanyBremen is a city straddling the Weser River in northwest Germany, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Town Hall and Roland statue, patrician town houses and the Schütting. Together with the city of Bremerhaven on the North Sea it forms Germany’s smallest state. It’s known for its role in maritime trade, represented by Hanseatic buildings on the Market Square. The ornate and Gothic town hall has a Renaissance facade and large model ships in its upper hall. Nearby is the Roland statue, a giant stone figure symbolizing freedom of trade. St. Peter’s Cathedral features medieval crypts and twin spires.

Bremen tourist attractions

Start your day in one of Bremen’s most colourful, interesting neighbourhoods: The Viertel (the Quarter), where you’ll be spoiled for choice with the number of cafés and restaurants offering breakfast specials. Bremen is also home to dozens of historical galleries and museums, ranging from historical sculptures to major art museums, such as the Übersee-Museum Bremen. A good place to get in touch with the locals is to take a stroll along the river Weser on the scenic Osterdeich, where – in good weather – lots of little groups hanging out on the grassy hills may invite you to barbecue with them or have a beer. Kluten, are a traditional sweet from Bremen. They are cubes of peppermint, partly covered in chocolate. Hachez, near the Town Hall, is a traditional Bremen based chocolatier and their store is well worth a visit to buy the Kluten, though they are also available at many other places throughout the center.

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