Cruising to Alghero, Sardinia

Alghero tourist information.

Alghero, SardiniaAlghero is located in the Italian insular province of Sassari in northwestern Sardinia, next to the Mediterranean Sea, Alghero is best known for its beautiful beaches, very good food at reasonable prices, and its catalan origin, in fact Alghero is also known as Barcelonetta or little Barcelona.

Alghero is a charming little port surrounded by olive groves, eucalyptus trees and umbrella pine, where coral fishing is still part of the local economy. The narrow, cobbled streets of Alghero’s medieval citadel, packed with boutiques, bars and restaurants, slope towards the harbour and sweeping bay. Built in a buttery sandstone that glows a soft apricot shade in the setting sun, it’s Sardinia’s most picturesque Old Town. Spanish-style palazzos and street signs in Italian and Catalan reflect its proud heritage. Alghero’s atmospheric old centre is its real attraction, and it can easily be explored on foot. Much of the architecture, which reflects Catalan and Gothic influences, dates from the 16th century. Seven towers, built to strenghthen the town’s defences, dominate the centre.  The fishing harbour at the base of the fortifications is the embarkation point for the boat trips to Neptune’s Cave.

Neptune’s Cave – Grotta di Nettuno

From the port, take the three-hour round boat trip to Grotta di Nettuno for Capo Caccia and the amazing Neptune caves system with remarkable rock formations at the bottom of a towering cliff with stalagmite and stalactite decoration. The journey to the caves lasts about 45 minutes and takes you along the coast, past the pretty bay of Porto Conte as far as the point of Capo Caccia.