Cruising to Ålesund, Norway

Ålesund tourist information.

Ålesund, NorwayWestern Norway is characterised by its incredible landscape, with the majestic fjords being one of the most iconic and breathtaking geological features on the planet. It’s therefore hardly a surprise that nature is the main attraction in Alesund.

Looming above the city centre is the incredible Fjellstua, an enormous peak which can be climbed via the 400 or so steps that lead to its peak or by car – for those who would rather not expend too much energy. From the top, the view across the fjords and the coastline is simply out of this world, and there are a number of walking trails around the summit which are perfect for anyone who wants to explore the dramatic scenery more thoroughly.

Back at ground level, the Atlantic Sea Park is Scandinavia’s largest aquarium and is built into the landscape, providing visitors with the chance to delve deeper into the fjords without actually having to get wet. Of course, for those who want to, it’s also possible to enjoy a diving excursion organised by the aquarium itself.

In terms of eating, the local seafood is unsurprisingly a speciality, and with Alesund being the largest city in the region, you’ll find a huge number of fantastic restaurants here.

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