Sky Princess, Scandinavia from Southampton, July 22, 2023

7-day cruise to Kristiansand, Copenhagen, Skagen & Oslo on board Princess Cruises

Scandinavia from SouthamptonCruising from: Southampton, UK;
Departure Date: July 22, 2023;
Cruise Line: Princess Cruises;
Cruise Ship: Sky Princess;
Duration: 7-day cruise;
Ports of Call: Southampton, Kristiansand, Copenhagen, Skagen, Oslo, Southampton;

Discover the best of Denmark and Norway with Sky Princess

Day 0

Cruising from Southampton, UK

Your 1st port of call – Southampton. Known as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton plays host to over four million visitors a year and boasts an impressive cultural offering, from museums, music venues and art galleries, to award winning[...]

Day 1 – At Sea cruising

Experience the relaxed ambience onboard Sky Princess attentive service from a friendly staff that knows what hospitality means, you’ll find your Princess ship truly is your home away from home.

Day 2

Cruising to Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand tourist information. Kristiansand is the largest city in Southern Norway and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Kristiansand is a family destinations, focusing in activities and attractions for families, one of the largest if these being Dyreparken, a gigantic[...]

Day 3

Cruising to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen tourist information. Scandinavia is very much in vogue at the moment, with the region’s literature, films and cuisine currently more popular than ever before. The quality of life in this part of Northern Europe is also famous for being exceptionally[...]

Day 4

Cruising to Skagen, Denmark

Skagen tourist information. Skagen is one of the sunniest places in Denmark, part artistic bohemia, part fishing industry and part natural beauty. The beaches are beautiful with white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. Danish and international artists[...]

Day 5

Cruising to Oslo, Norway

Oslo tourist information. Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies Norway’s capital and largest city, with its vibrant social scene and special combination of nature experiences and city life. Oslo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, with a population approaching 700,000[...]

Day 6 – At Sea cruising

There are plenty of daily activities on board Sky Princess to keep you busy. Sky Princess has everything a discerning cruiser could want, bars, sports venues and shops.

Day 7

Cruising back to Southampton

Things to Do in Southampton. Visit Southampton: Attractions, Activtities, Arts, Shopping, Walks, Tours and Sports. Southampton plays host to a spectacular range of events each year, from large national and international one-off events to smaller community events. The city plays[...]

Join Princess Cruises on this roundtrip Scandinavia cruise from the Port of Southampton to Kristiansand, Copenhagen, Skagen and Oslo on board Sky Princess. Sky Princess leaving Southampton, UK for 7 nights from July 22, 2023.

Port order and/or content may vary, please check specific sailing date concerning risks associated with COVID-19. Please consult all applicable Centers for Disease Control travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel and check at official cruise line website.

The Russia-Ukraine war has prompted a growing number of cruise lines to cancel 2022 itineraries that include stops in and around Russian ports of call. For more information please visit official cruise line website.